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China 100 Co-Sponsorship for University Events

China 100 will provide funding for co-sponsorship of University events and activities related to the focus and theme of the yearlong celebration, which is honoring the first students from China and the wealth of connections that have come since. Appropriate events may include those that honor Chinese alumni, feature University research and connections with China, and/or feature stories from Chinese students or students who have traveled to China. Funding amounts range between $500 and $2,500.

Funding requests from University groups will be considered. Priority will be given to:

Application Process

  1. Complete the co-sponsorship request application form below at least 14 days prior to the event. No exceptions.
  2. If funded, you will receive a co-sponsorship letter of confirmation.
  3. Recipients of China 100 co-sponsorship must complete a brief post-event report within 30 days of the event.

Co-Sponsorship Agreement

  1. Complete the request application; submit program agenda including background of speakers, if applicable; and budget information for the event.
  2. Include the China 100 logo and website address on any and all promotions, including print materials, TV/radio ads, mass email promotions, etc.
  3. Display a China 100 sign at the event that will be provided by the China 100 staff.
  4. Recognize China 100 at the event. (e.g. during opening or closing remarks or when appropriate during the program).
  5. Complete a post-event form and return it to the China Center within 30 days of the event completion.

Contact Emily Hanson with questions at or 612-624-0016

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